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WPK Solutions program
WaPerK Solutions EU are focused on interactive self-service application programs aimed at highly qualified audience, consumers and / or end users, proving most suitable for industries who are most conscious of their Customer's satisfaction.

WPK research & develops the next kiosk and self-service solutions and prepares unique pieces of architecture & design, which might be able to enrich and empower any environment & experience, inside-out, something which resembles the very ancient menhirs, in the past.
WPK Solutions prove to perform somekind of built-in boomerang power concept, so that any Customer demand in fact achieve the delivery of the best of all business appeal at any event (conferences, meetings & tradeshows).
Any budget invested in WPK Solutions will return to your pocket like a swallow, adding most positive advantages.
WPK offer interactive self-solve points, with on demand or idle loop dynamic content posters, available in all size & format, suitable for consumer and/or qualified Registered Incentive Circuits in retail, finance, hospitality, tourism, health care, government, gaming/entertainment, hospitals, restaurants, QSR's, C-Stores, financial services, ticketing, photo, non-profit organisation and most of all trade & business activities.

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